sexta-feira, 30 de janeiro de 2009

Characters short animation

Study for an intro

# Some Graphic Design works

#CIC Sport Group - logo proposal
#Salsa Classes - poster
#Ensaio Global - personal card for the company
#Municipio de Braga - logo proposal
#Lulla bye - single cover

quinta-feira, 29 de janeiro de 2009


Some photomontages
that I've made in Photoshop
including some of my 3D works

TV Ciência - Imagens de Estudos de genéricos/separadores

Some rendered images of studies for an intro to the project "TV Ciência- Online"

CITAR - Conteúdos 3D - Curta-Metragem - "Mister O"

"Mister O" is a 3D animation short film, based on Lewis Trondheim books, my function was designing the scene background and some objects.

3D designers on the project :

João Seabra ( ), Ana Carolina Abreu

CITAR/UCP - Projecto "Porto Virtual no sec XVI"

The “Porto Virtual no século XVI”, under projectual coordination of Arq.º Francisco Gaitto/José Fonseca and scientifical coordination of Eng.ºLuís Teixeira, consisted on modeling the specific zone "Sé do Porto" and telling a story about the changes it suffered among the years, with some characters. My function in this project, was modeling/texturing /3D rigging / animation of some characters and also modeling a part of the building "Sé do Porto".

3D designers on the project

Luis Sarmento ( ), Carlos Cidrais ( ), José Fonseca, Ricardo Saraiva, João Rema, Francisco Paim, Ana Carolina Abreu


3D logo for Porto Canal

MECAD - Simulação 3D da Instalação Interactiva - New Object()

3D images of a simulation of the Interactive Instalation for the final project of my Master on Interactive Systems - New Object()


3D logo for the Graphic Design Company "COMUNICATE"

ADETTI - Alguns conteúdos 3D "Visita Virtual às Minas"

You'll be able to see these models on the Centre of Live Science in Lousal. A Cave where the user can feel immersed and can interact with a virtual reality, using 3D glasses and a wii.

This project was under projectual coordination of Rafael Bastos, techincal coordination of Nelson Carvalho and scientific coordination of Prof. Miguel Sales Dias.

3D designers on the project:

Nelson Carvalho, João Fauno, Ana Carolina Abreu

ADETTI - *Storyboard "Visita Virtual às Minas"

All the storyboard for the project "Cave H, infinite possibilities”
for the Centre of Live Science in Lousal