quinta-feira, 29 de janeiro de 2009

CITAR/UCP - Projecto "Porto Virtual no sec XVI"

The “Porto Virtual no século XVI”, under projectual coordination of Arq.º Francisco Gaitto/José Fonseca and scientifical coordination of Eng.ºLuís Teixeira, consisted on modeling the specific zone "Sé do Porto" and telling a story about the changes it suffered among the years, with some characters. My function in this project, was modeling/texturing /3D rigging / animation of some characters and also modeling a part of the building "Sé do Porto".

3D designers on the project

Luis Sarmento (http://spiritbit.com/ ), Carlos Cidrais (http://www.carloscidrais.com/ ), José Fonseca, Ricardo Saraiva, João Rema, Francisco Paim, Ana Carolina Abreu

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